Velofel When we read about the sexual stamina then you may notice that people face the problem of low stamina when they are of more age. Does it mean that increasing age decreases your sex power? Are you also one of them who are looking for a male enhancement formula? Yes, it is true that when your age increase then the production of sex hormones in the body automatically decreases and you are not alone it happens with every man.

Testosterone is the sex hormone and responsible for sexual activities. Many problems can occur in your life when testosterone level decreases because testosterone will affect your sexual power and bad sex will affect your relationship with your partner. Lack of interest in sexual activities can make your life monotonous and you may feel bad about yourself. Velefel is a male enhancement formula for treating all your sex-related problems. These pills will help you achieve the highest pleasure from sex.

Sexual problems which you may have to face

Velofel Provides Stamina is just the one problem from many. Low level of testosterone invites many problems in life and if you want to escape from all these then you can use such formula which enhances your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) level. Velofel is the best available pill in the market.

  • Premature ejaculation โ€“ It is the most common problem in men and very disgusting for her partner too. When you are having an orgasm before your partner then surely they will not like this and this can make your married life hard.
  • Erectile dysfunction โ€“ When your penis is not able to achieve hard erection then this problem is called erectile dysfunction. A bad vasodilation process can be the reason for this. Hard erection always helps in making sex more enjoyable and satisfying.
  • The low desire of sex โ€“ The urge of sex is important for satisfying sex because without will when you will try to have sex then it will not be satisfying and testosterone affect the libido level so when testosterone level will be very low then you will have a low desire of having sex.
  • Hypogonadism โ€“ Low T level problem is called hypogonadism and men often face this problem. Velofel is one of the most trusted formulas to enhance the T.

What is Velofel Norway?

In the market, there are many products which claim to enhance your sexual power overnight but Velofel is a natural product and will not make you good overnight but it will demonstrate its effects in a little time.ย  These pills will make you sexually active and will amplify your penis size. You can be saved from all the big problems like ED, PE, hypogonadism, etc.

Ingredients of the pills

These pills are very effective but donโ€™t think that these are made of chemical substances. Many manufacturers make fake promises just to make a profit and also use chemical ingredients that can harm users. Velofel is made from organic compounds that are 100% safe to use.

  • Ginseng powder โ€“ One study of Panax ginseng showed it improved sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is very effective when it comes to treating sexual dysfunction.
  • Tribulus Terrestris โ€“ It is found that men who are less interested in sex are the recommended dosage of Tribulus Terrestris. This can enhance the libido level rapidly and can make you more sexually active.
  • Maca root โ€“ When it comes to the men then fertility is very important and maca root can increase men’s fertility. It can also control mood and can make you more energetic.
  • Horny goat weed โ€“ As the name suggests this ingredient is very helpful in sex because it can increase the free testosterone level very fast and can increase your stamina.
  • l-arginine โ€“ It is an amino acid that will amplify NO level and will make blood flow better in your body so that you can have hard erections.

Working of these pills

These pills work in two steps and these steps are important for making you good in sex. First, it contains an amino acid that is helpful in increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body. NO control the contraction and expedition of the blood vessels. When the blood flow with high speed then more blood will reach the penis and it will get a hard erection. Corpora cavernosa will hold more blood and the size will become big.

Another work of these pills is to galvanize the pituitary gland for the production of more testosterone levels. In our body, most of the testosterone is bounded with protein so we canโ€™t use it but because of these pills, this bounded T is get unlocked and become available for use.

So Velofel increases the level of both nitric oxide and testosterone and thus assist in having a better sex experience.


If you are bad at sex then you know the problems of this and these pills are here to save you from all this. You will not be saved from sexual problems but also psychological problems because bad sex affects the confidence level so there are many benefits of these pills.


Take two pills in one day and try not to miss the dose because pills are effective when taken properly. You can take a pill before you go for sex. Take the pill with either water or with a glass of juice. Try to take the dosage as recommended on the label.

Side effectsย 

There are usually no side effects of Velefel pills but we canโ€™t be sure because sometimes natural things can also have negative effects. So if you want to use these pills and are afraid then you can ask your doctor first. If you will overdose these pills then it can show negative effects otherwise these pills are very safe to use.

Things to take careย 

  • Velofel Norway is only for men so children and women should avoid its use.
  • Keep the pills at a dry and cool place.
  • Try not to take more than the recommended dosage.ย 

How to buy it?

Ordering these pills is very simple as you just have to go on the website and there will be a page which will ask you for your details so you just have to give your correct detail there are from there you can easily order. It should be taken care that there are many fake suppliers also so just to save a little money donโ€™t order those fake pills.

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